May 4-8
human body project due May 20-23
inventions due May 26-27
quizlet study
extra 100 each day, if a parent writes a note to say you studied your notecards each night Monday - Wednesday

science book page
62 1-9
122 1-10
180 1-9
science book page
210 1-9
238- 1-6
380 1-10
506 1-8
science book page
think of an invention

venth Grade Science
Moving the homework page to this page so it will be the first page you come to.

April 6-10

Monday-digestive note cards and study

Tuesday digestive note cards and study

Wednesday study note cards due

Thursday digestive system test

and complete sets of notes 1- 1-6 2 7-13 3 14-19 4 20-25 5 26-27


Project due by Friday create an anchor chart for a given science topic go to google image or pinterest and use anchor charts for science and search for your topic.

March 9-13
Don't forget come to the Clarendon school district meeting tonight in gym 6:00 10 points on a test for students if parents are present.
Monday no homework if parents come to meeting
science book page 79 number 28 and 181 10-11
work on project
complete data table on family
work on project
radiation gene and mutation worksheet due Friday
work on project
work on project

March 23-27

Monday- Wednesday
take home test due Thursday
Monday study for bone test make notecards for bone test
Tuesday bone test and notecards are due
Wednesday take home test
Thursday take home test due

March 2-6

Monday complete mitosis booklet (do not make in the form of a booklet - draw and color then place in order
study for stem test
study for cellular process test
Tuesday -Stem Test 1-5 70 words
study for cellular process test
make sure you know the steps for your cellular process
work on song
Wednesday -
cellular process test
complete DNA notes for homework
complete genetic notes for homework

February 23-27

Tuesday- you will draw, label, and color the following:
Divide ISN page 101 into 3 parts
1st section draw an image for selective permeable or semipermeable membraen
2nd section draw diffusion
3rd section draw osmosis

ISN will only need to be completed if you do not complete the daily assignment for T-Th
Monday study for stem test
Tuesday Stem test 1-5 complete ISN
Wednesday complete ISN
Thursday complete ISN

February 17-20

I am trying the wiki space again-- last time I did a survey on people who used the wiki, I only had 2 viewers out of 105 students .
Tuesady- study for bacteria, virus, fungi, protist test and disease test
study for bacteria, virus, fungi, protist test and disease test
Test on bacteria fungi protist and virus
study for disease test
Disease test
Let me know if you see this and you will receive an award

Mooo said the Brown Cow

January 20--24

Tuesday-- Create a line graph from the data table and write a conclusion
type of exercise heartbeats
jumping jacks 94
walking 98
running 112
hurtles 118
study stems words
worksheet fill in the blanks using science book page 46-51
study stem words
microscope crossword puzzle worksheet
study stem
microscope test note cards due
stem test note cards due
Big bag of candy is 200 points
If you see this write a note and you will receive a prize --- don't tell note -- for Wednesday only

January 12-15

Monday make note cards for 1-60 off of quizlet titled physical science terms
Tuesday make note cards 61-125
Wednesday make note cards 126-172
Study every night
Benchmark Thursday
Big Physical Science Test Jan. 20

Happy New Year..

January 5-9
Monday-- Graph
A scientist studied the relationship between the amount of rain in cm and the number of zebras born each spring.

Rain cm Zebra born
3 cm 11
9 cm 22
27 cm 44
81 cm 66
243 cm 88

graph with perfect scale

Why is there a relationship between rain and zebra birth? Name reason why.

Tuesday and Wednesday

scientific method on:
Saturation of salt or sugar in 2 cups of hot water, cold water, or room temperature
record data in data table and graph results
Which had the highest saturation- give 2 reasons why you think
Complete scientific method


Worksheet on counting atoms, writing formulas, and balancing chemical equations

Homework December 8-12


1. Complete notes for chapter 19 atoms notes
atom test
1. Complete worksheet 3 from today's activity for element test
element test
1. Physical and chemical worksheet
2. Study physical and chemical properties and change notes for test


test could be Thursday or Friday
complete notes


benchmark scores 90's no homework this week 80's no homework monday -wednesday. 70's no homework monday or tuesday.
fruit sale 5 boxes no homework this week
Monday homework- complete atom part worksheet
Tuesday complete ISN notes 56 and 58
Wednesday complete periodic table license plate
Thursday complete notes ISN 60 and 62

Thursday interim go home

November 10-14

trash car
oil recycling ISN page 45
oil recycling
periodic table scavenger hunt any 10
periodic table scavenger hunt

November 3-7

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Trash Car due November 11 Notebook 2 guidelines

Monday -Tuesday

Survey - Survey someone over the age of 65


page 467 number 4
page 473 30 -31
Boys turn in Thursday
Girls turn in Friday

October 20-24

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Quiz daily
Monday- Scientific Method board and presentation -- Question, conclusion, and one thing you learned-
bring a small bag of soil--
Tuesday- Scientific Method board
small bag of soi

Wednesday presentation of scientific method
Interview a farmerr to ask which method of farming he uses and why
Thursday- presentation of scientific method
science external image arrow-10x10.png page 473-30-32

October 14-17


Complete garbage snooping

science book page 378 7-16


science book page 379 28,29 page 380 1-10


science book page 381 choose any 2( the agenda and homework hotline have choose 4 -- looking to see who sees this)

Friday -- Environment test

don't miss the golf ball drop at the football game-- good luck to all

September 29-October 3

Monday- sponge Bob worksheet on variables
work on poster
research problem for scientific method project
get agenda signed and project paper signed
external image arrow-10x10.png notes ISN page 28 if group did not finish
work on poster and scientific method project
worksheet interaction among organisms
work on poster and scientific method project
work on poster
Friday- Poster due
scientific method problem due
song for scientific method due

September 22--26

Monday Notecards on quizlet
Tuesday line graph
Wednesday write 3 problems that could lead to a scientific investigation
Thursday a worksheet or a line graph

September 15-18

Monday- Complete ws interpretating data
Tuesday - external image arrow-10x10.png a line graph
Wednesday external image arrow-10x10.png a line graph
Thursday Bring in a bag of skittles or mm for a circle graph external image arrow-10x10.png

September 8-11

Measurement worksheet
and work on measurement notecards on quizlet
complete ISN 13-16


Worksheet measuring liquids
and inquiry skill activity book page 32
Complete ISN 13-16 and
work on notecards for measurement


covert the following ws
complete notecards
complete ISN 13-16


complete a bar graph on class favorite external image arrow-10x10.png

September 2-5

Tuesday -make notecards from quizlet on observation, inference, prediction, and classification

complete ISN 11-12


test from notecards
Thermometer worksheet


metric conversion worksheet

August 25-29

Monday Write five qualitative and fve quantative observations about you.
worksheet on observation, inference and predictions due Thursday
Tuesday external image arrow-10x10.png working on worksheet
find an image to use for inference or prediction
Wednesday worksheet
study for quiz on obsevation, inference, and predictio
Thursday Quiz on observation, inference, and prediction
homework create a binary and multistage classification of your family.

August 18-22

Group or partner project safety symbol booklet
Rubric will be given on Tuesday
Safety symbol test Friday