September 28-October 2

Science book page 14 applying science
page 23 #6
page 33 25,26
study stem
prepare notebook 2
NB 2 is due
science book page 34 1-8 page 35 choose any 2
study stem and make note cards
create a line graph from a data table
stem test
stem note cards due

September 21-25
line graph and study stem words
line graph and study stem words
Bring skittles or M&M's
stem words test
line graph
stem note cards due
study graph note cards
study graph note cards
graph test and graph notecards due

September 14-17
Monday - Study for Metric test
prepare ISN 11-14 for final grade
metric note cards due Tuesday
Metric test 40 multiple choice and app test
Bar graph for homework read graph notes
Wednesday bar or line graph
Stem note cards are due Thursday
Thursday -- Interims go home
Don't forget to sign up for Remind app by texting to 81010 text message @93e37

August 31-September 4
Monday -Tuesday- Observation - Inference Worksheet
Wednesday -Friday Metric Foldable ISN 13
Bag of Candy
Observation-Inference Prediction Classification Test Friday

August 24-28
1. Safety Symbol booklet redo only if you made below a C
2. get agenda signed
3. get lab notebook signed
4. bring in a picture of yourself
1. Get ISN 01 signed
2. Get ISN 05 signed
3. 5 finger facts are completed on ISN page 02 ( trace your hand on ISN page 02 then read 01, 03, then pick 5 important facts and write one in each finger- color your hand)
4. Draw, label and color the safety symbols on ISN page 1
1. Bring in 5 things from nature in a zip lock bag
Complete creature feature in ISN